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About company

We are a young, but promising company for the provision of accounting services, which is actively develops.

Our special advantage is speed, we can do work for clients not only good, but also fast.

Our company provides accounting services and support. Having concluded a contract with the company, we assume the responsibilities of maintaining accounting and tax records, and also timely submission of accounting, tax and statistical reports to the relevant authorities.

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Restoration of



Remote accounting



Accounting is the responsibility of all organizations, regardless of the taxation system.

Complex accounting of enterprises is increasingly outsourced to specialized companies. Independent accounting of an organization takes a lot of time, which can be spent on business development, and it is expensive and not always advisable to maintain a full-time specialist, especially for the tasks of microfirm accounting.

Company LLC "NADEJNIY BUXGALTER" offers full accounting for LLCs and sole proprietorships.

It is useful to make a consistent restoration of accounting even before there is problem with the tax inspectorate.

    In any case, you will get the following benefits:

  • Verification and identification of missing documents
  • Checking the correctness of the calculation
    and payment of taxes.
  • Preparation for inspection by regulatory authorities.
  • Identification of problems existing
    in the company
  • Setting up accounting in the company
  • Reporting
  • Reasoned defense of one's position when submitting claims by the tax service and protection of the results
  • If necessary, preparation of a corrective declaration
  • Transparency of accounting for company managers.

Restoration of accounting

Accounting is a painstaking and laborious work that requires continuous close attention, professionalism and knowledge of tax legislation. For this reason, if accounting is conducted improperly, sooner or later serious problems will arise with regulatory authorities when submitting reports. In order to resolve all the issues that have arisen and avoid similar situations in the future, first of all, it is necessary to restore the accounting of the organization. Sometimes unforeseen situations occur in which accounting records may be lost in whole or in part.

    The main reasons for recovery:

  • Complete or partial loss of documentation
  • Accountant's departure
  • Improper accounting
  • Blocking of the current account
  • Identification of errors in reporting
    when preparing for a tax audit
  • Force majeure circumstances, such as fire, flooding, destruction of the database.

In such situations, it is very important to quickly bring the documentation into proper condition, in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation, in order to prevent serious sanctions from the regulatory authorities.

When calculating the preliminary cost, the amount of missing documentation, the form of ownership of the company, how much the state of accounting is running, the required recovery period, the urgency of work are taken into account

Human Resources

Human Resources is an activity that provides documentation and organization of work with personnel documents.

It should be noted that proper management of personnel documentation allows you to protect the company from penalties from regulatory authorities and allows employees to avoid problems when registering pensions, benefits, allowances and other payments.

To simplify the organization of personnel records management, an electronic document management system was introduced ( ).

    HR record keeping activities include:

      1) Preparation of documents for employment, which includes:
  • development of employment contracts;
  • formation of the staffing table;
  • development of job descriptions;
  • execution of personnel orders;
  • filling out employment records;
  • maintaining personal affairs;
  • registration in;
    1. 2) Execution of dismissal of employees
      in accordance with the Labor Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan
      3) Advising employees on labor issues.

Preparation of reports

Accounting statements are comprehensive information that reports on the financial condition of the company, its property and debts, as well as on the effectiveness of its work for the reporting period.

Tax reporting is also closely related to accounting. Based on the first, the second is compiled, since the accounting data are taxable. At the same time, each tax. Income tax, value added tax, property tax, land and water resources, taxes and payroll deductions -each of these taxes has its own form of reporting and calculation provided to the State Tax Inspectorate within certain deadlines. Timely and correct presentation of the above calculations involves doing business without unnecessary problems.

Statistical reporting.
Preparation of statistical reports — one of the main functions of accounting, regardless of the form of ownership and legal status of the company. Thanks to the information provided, the state statistical bodies monitor the indicators of economic activity of organizations.

An accountant working remotely will take on the same functions that a full-time specialist performs.

    The list of employee responsibilities includes:

  • Calculation of payments in favor of the state and extra-budgetary funds;
  • Preparation of receipts, statements, invoices, invoices and other payment documents;
  • Conducting mutual settlements with counterparties;
  • Entering data into accounting programs;
  • Preparation of reports for any instances, closing of turnover.

Remote accounting support

In order for the company to be able to count on getting the maximum profit, it is necessary to maintain competent accounting. Usually organizations prefer to hire a full-time accountant who will perform all the necessary actions.

However, the maintenance of an individual specialist requires the investment of a large amount of money. Remote accounting support allows you to save money. By ordering the service, you will attract competent specialists to perform the procedures, who will take on all the necessary tasks themselves. If you order the service, we will start accounting remotely. As a result, you will not have to look for staff, deal with registration of employees, transfer contributions, purchase equipment and pay additional contributions to the budget. All labor functions will be taken over by third-party specialists. They will be registered in the staff of another organization, which will make all the necessary payments in favor of the state.

Statistics show that more and more companies are switching to remote accounting.
This is due to the advantages that the service offers to the client.

Its use is associated with the following advantages:

Significant savings.
You will not have to make contributions to the budget, create a workplace for a specialist, make contributions to funds.

Working with professionals.
To earn the trust of customers, our specialists are constantly improving their knowledge and skills. Remote accountants have a lot of experience.

Control of the work of specialists.
You will be provided with a report on all completed tasks. A remote accountant performs the entire range of work. You will not have to hire additional specialists.

Zero report

Null reporting - documentation that is issued if the company has not conducted financial and economic operations.

The Importance of Zero Reporting
In order to avoid sanctions and fines from regulatory authorities, you need not only to focus on your knowledge, but also to check the information for relevance. It is necessary to check with the primary source, namely with the Legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan. An accountant who is engaged in the formation of reports (including zero) should closely monitor the appearance of new regulations in order to adjust the reporting in time and comply with the deadlines for its submission in accordance with the changes. The accountant gets access to the internal documentation of your company and additional data that relate to the company's employees. We do not share this data with third parties. And we don't disclose it. We use all the information only in order to provide you with high-quality services. In order to order zero reporting services for an individual entrepreneur or LLC, it is enough to contact us in any convenient way by calling our company.